Bartlesville Fly In Back After 14 Years

Bartlesville Fly In Back After 14 Years

Aviation lovers have a chance to see some old war planes all day Saturday at the Bartlesville Airport for the "Back to Bartlesville Fly In."

The event is back for the first time in years.

"It's been since 2009 was the last event. And that's when the organization that had put them on for several years disassembled," Billie Roane said. 

Emberly Griffin, 9, is no stranger to the skies or historic planes.

"I've been in a lot. A B-17 and a B-29, a Cessna, the Wildcat, which is over there. And lots of others," Emberly said. 

On display inside a hangar are the photos of several WWII veterans from Bartlesville.

Emberly has her very own booth with a scrapbook full of aviation memories.

"And this has been my favorite plane ever since I met her. Her name is FiFi. She's a B29," she said. 

Billie Roane helps put on the event and is also a city councilor.

She's excited the fly in is back after 14 years.

"For me, it's about young people. There are many young people that have never been this close to an airplane, much less seen historical aircraft like they're seeing here today," Billie said. 

And seeing these planes up close just might help a career take off.

"It's just so much fun to go fly. And getting the plane ready might be the best part, but I think flying may actually be the best part," Emberly said.