Porch Pirate Steals $1,000 Worth Of Art Studio Supplies

Porch Pirate Steals $1,000 Worth Of Art Studio Supplies

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A Tulsa woman is frustrated after she said a man stole a thousand dollars' worth of business supplies from her front porch.

She owns an art studio near 61st and Memorial, and the theft is a big hit to her business.

Stacey Moore said the porch pirate stole eight boxes full of stencils, tape, and brushes she needed for work. She said on top of the value of the items, it’s especially frustrating because of how expensive things are now.

Her doorbell camera video shows a man taking boxes off of the front porch of a home in Tulsa.

Stacey Moore is the owner of Board and Brush Creative Studio. People come to the studio to make wooden signs they can customize. She said the thief stole what she needed to keep operating Board and Brush.

"Just a huge roll of stencil paper,” said Moore. “And then they also took stencil transfer tape, which helps us transfer the stencils to the wood. Of course, our foam brushes and wire is what they decided to take."

This isn’t the first time Moore has been victimized. She said about a year ago, people also stole supplies from one of her sheds.

Moore said it’s hard enough owning a business, and now she has to deal with replacing what she’s lost.

"Everything we make goes back into the business, goes back into the supplies,” said Moore. “So it's just devastating because it's not easy to run your own business. It's not like you have deep pockets, so it's hard to replace what's been lost."

Now, she’s left hoping the man will give her the items back.

"It's not something he can just sell on the market. It's our stencil paper, it's our transfer tape, it's wire for the back of our signs,” said Moore.

Her advice for others is to make sure you know where your stuff is ending up and to get cameras.

"For the past five years, I've had everything delivered there, and I never thought it was going to happen to me, and here I am,” said Moore. “I guess, just do the best we can to make sure that everything's secure."

Stacey said her new plan in place is to deliver her store supplies to a different employee who lives further away.

But she said regardless, she isn’t going to let it stop her from doing what she loves.

If you know who might have taken the items, call Tulsa CrimeStoppers at 918-596-COPS.