OSSAA One Free Transfer Approval Opens New Door For Oklahoma Student-Athletes

OSSAA One Free Transfer Approval Opens New Door For Oklahoma Student-Athletes

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association Board of Directors will allow high school student-athletes a one-time chance to switch to a different school. The approval for this exemption comes with a 12-1 vote from the board. It gives student-athletes more power over their athletic careers.  

A community’s pride shines on tracks, courts, and fields at Oklahoma schools. As new champions are crowned with each passing year – new rules play into the game.   

On Wednesday, the OSSAA Board of Directors considered an exemption to one of its rules. The change affects Rule 8 of OSSAA's rulebook. Under the current rules, students can’t just transfer to a new school and play sports. They have to get special permission and they have to sit out of sports for a year.   

Assistant Director Amy Cassell sent an email to Oklahoma school districts on Wednesday. The email said the exemption allows transfers to play right away “after filing the proper paperwork and receiving approval from the OSSAA.” 

OSSAA leadership said schools cannot recruit student-athletes. Any student-athlete who is found to have been recruited would be disqualified from any level of competition. 

Spokespeople from Yukon and Stillwater Public Schools say students can't pick any school they want. They say Yukon and Stillwater are “at capacity for enrollment” and would not accept any new transfers now based on this rule.  

Nonetheless, Oklahoma High School sports kicks off a new era. This change is not effective until next July. No student transferring this school year can take advantage of this new policy.