Glossip's Attorney Says Uncovered Evidence In Death Row Case Requires New Hearing

Glossip's Attorney Says Uncovered Evidence In Death Row Case Requires New Hearing

The attorney for death-row prisoner Richard Glossip said he's filed a new petition, asking the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals for a new hearing to look over the evidence in the case.

Glossip is set to be executed in December, after 24 years on death row.

The attorney for Richard Glossip said there is overwhelming evidence in this case, which was looked over and should warrant both a new investigation and a new trial.

Attorney Don Knight and state lawmaker Justin Humphrey made a plea on Thursday for that new hearing.

Glossip was convicted by two different juries and both times, sentenced to death for hiring Justin Sneed to kill Barry Van Treese in 1997. Van Treese owned the motel where Glossip worked at the time. Sneed got life without parole.

Glossip's attorney said Sneed has wanted to recant his testimony for years, but was afraid to do it because of the fear of getting the death penalty himself.

Knight said there was information that should have been given to Glossip's lawyers before the second trial, but never was.

He said attorneys should be able to look at every detail in a case to make sure they are executing the right person.

"I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid to have a hearing, I think the state is afraid to have a hearing, they just want to kill this man," Knight said.

Glossip's execution date is scheduled for December 8. There will be a clemency hearing held on November 9.

Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor said several federal courts, the 10th circuit court of appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court have rejected Glossip's claims.

Van Treese's widow has told us in the past, she wants Glossip to be held accountable for taking away her husband and the father of their five children.