Tulsa Therapist Creates Mobile Clinic To Make Counseling More Accessible

Tulsa Therapist Creates Mobile Clinic To Make Counseling More Accessible

A Tulsa woman is now operating a therapy clinic on four wheels.

The goal of Skillz on Wheels is to make sure people have easy access to counseling wherever they are.

After more than a decade as a licensed therapist, Ebony Skillens had a vision to transform a typical RV into an intimate space for therapy sessions.

"It's not like the typical clinical setting. It's more of a home setting where you come in here, I'm not in your space, we're not in the clinic, we're here. We can sit back, have a cup of coffee, and just talk," Skillens said.

Skillz on Wheelz is a nonprofit mobile organization, where Skillens and her staff can drive around and come directly to clients for therapy sessions.

"So, there's six therapist who will be giving their time to the community to help them heal in different ways," Skillens said.

Skillens also owns her own traditional practice and said she has a heart to serve. She believes everyone needs to focus on their mental health and have someone to talk to.

"It's not that there's a mental issue, but it's more brain health, it's more of reconnecting and clearing out some of the cobb webs that we have established over the years, some of the thoughts that we think. So how do we now clean that out and put in news ways of thinking," Skillens said.

Skillens wants people to know their mental health is important and therapy has the power to change your outlook on life.