Oklahoma AG Request To Extend Time Between Executions Granted

Oklahoma AG Request To Extend Time Between Executions Granted

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has grated the request of Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond to extend the time between the executions of several death row inmates.

“I am grateful for the Court’s ruling,” Drummond said in a statement following the decision. “This decision will help maintain confidence in our protocol in this solemn and important process. The dedicated individuals of the Department of Corrections will continue their rigorous training and preparations for upcoming executions. As I have stated before, this was not a request I took lightly. Victims’ families have waited many years to see that justice is done, and I am thankful for their understanding.”

The court has decided to move the execution dates for the following inmates:

Richard Glossip has been reset for May 18, 2023

Jemaine Monteil Cannon has been reset for July 20, 2023

Anthony Castillo Sanchez has been reset for Sept. 21, 2023

Phillip Dean Hancock has been reset for Nov. 30, 2023

James Chandler Ryder has been reset for Feb. 1, 2024

Michael DeWayne Smith has been reset for April, 4, 2024

Wade Greely Lay has been reset for June 6, 2024

Execution dates for other inmates have not been confirmed, but the court will address them at a later date.