Okmulgee County Crews On Standby With Plows, Monitoring Weather

Okmulgee County Crews On Standby With Plows, Monitoring Weather

In Okmulgee County, the amount of snow depends where you are. People throughout the county experienced quite a difference in the weather. 

Snow started falling in Okmulgee around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and stopped pretty quickly.

There were some big flakes at one point but most of it melted.

In Dewar, which is just on the other side of Henryetta, the constant snow was piled into slush.

Throughout Okmulgee County, the snow totals range from hardly any to several inches.

 Henryetta and Dewar schools are going virtual tomorrow because of the weather. 

Okmulgee Public Works said crews are monitoring the weather throughout this evening.

The department said if needed, as many as 50 people can respond to snow removal and emergency situations.

It’s the same for the county.

Okmulgee County emergency management said crews are on standby with plows and sanders. 

Meanwhile, at Bomgaars, the assistant manager said there’s been a steady flow of customers.

“Today has been good. We stayed fairly busy. Everybody’s been coming in, getting feed for their animals, getting stuff for the snow. Hopefully coming to get things to play out in the snow later," said Jessica Collins, Bomgaars assistant manager.

As for supplies, both Bomgaars and the city said they have plenty of everything they need.