Woman Accused Of Driving Stolen Truck On Sequoyah High School Football Field Arrested

Woman Accused Of Driving Stolen Truck On Sequoyah High School Football Field Arrested

Cherokee Nation Marshals arrest a Stilwell woman they say stole a pickup truck from a dealership and did donuts on the Sequoyah High School football field.

The Cherokee Nation says the field is brand new this year and hasn’t seen its first full season.

Marshals arrested Maggie Caudle after she stole a pickup truck and took it for a joy ride on the campus of Sequoyah High School around 2 p.m. on Friday.

The Cherokee Nation says Caudle stole the truck from Stuteville Ford, which is about six minutes away from the school and made her way to the football field where she ran into the fence.

A video captured Caudle doing donuts on the field before ramming through another fence. The Cherokee Nation says she drove across the campus and through another fence where she did more donuts around the tribe's practice softball field.

That’s when the tribe says she drove through three more fences before exiting onto the interstate and driving away.

The Cherokee Nation says the school was still in session at the time and no one was hurt.

It says Caudle was arrested about an hour later.

The Cherokee Nation says considering everything, it’s glad this didn’t happen a couple of hours later when a baseball game was in full attendance.

Maggie Caudle says she is a woman who struggles with mental health issues and is hurt to the bottom of her heart for what happened and she never wanted to hurt anyone. She says she's never been arrested and is a mother of 2 boys and she had been spiraling downward due to medication changes and was in a manic phase and doesn't remember taking the truck or driving on the field or being arrested.