Loved Ones Remember Woman Who Drowned In Tulsa Drainage Ditch During Storms

Loved Ones Remember Woman Who Drowned In Tulsa Drainage Ditch During Storms

News On 6 is learning more about the woman who drowned during flash flooding in Tulsa on March 31.

Authorities said Misty Welch was swept away into a drainage ditch near Admiral and Memorial, and firefighters found her body hours later.

Her family said they want to honor the strong-willed mother of three and friend to many by figuring out how what can be done to prevent future tragedies around ditches.

"It's just not going to be the same without her,” said Cody Welch, describing his mother Misty as funny and a fighter.

"It's like nothing could take her down,” said Cody. “She was resilient in everything." 

Misty's cousin, Mandy Mallory, said she still cannot believe the 46-year-old died after being swept away into the ditch.

She said during that stormy night, Misty's boyfriend was with her and called 911 when she fell in.

"It's shock, disbelief, immediate sadness, especially the way she passed,” said Mandy. “It's hard to take in,” said Mandy.

Vincent Welch said his aunt, Misty, moved from Cushing to Tulsa about three years ago and had an apartment when they last talked.

"We didn't know that she was homeless, but then, again, my aunt Misty was never really the one to tell us when she was falling into hard times,” said Vincent. She had a lot of pride, and she didn't want to put that on her loved ones.”

Now, Misty’s family wants to see if any lawmakers could look into ways to prevent other tragedies around ditches.

They are also reminding others to hold their loved ones close as they hold on to the memories and their last moments with Misty.

"It was a good conversation, and we talked about music and some of the things me and her had in common, like we liked the band Staind,” said Cody.

Misty's family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses HERE:  

Services are pending, and News On 6 will update this story when we learn more.


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